Wallowed, Changed My T Shirt and SUMO…………..let’s rumble!!!!

hippo-time-is-ok It’s Friday once again, it was also payday again on Thursday which was  probably the only plus point of the week.

In footballing terms, I was relegated from the Premiership to the  Championship league. Senior Executive Sales Leader down to Executive Sales Leader, how it hurt, not financially, I am surprised to report,  but mentally.

For the last two years, we have been the Wigan Athletic of the Avon  world, we’ve been in the top flight but not at the same level as  Manchester United or Chelsea, we’ve been scrapping for our place. For two years, we’ve attended every meeting we’ve been invited to. Jen  has been asked to do a testimonial at almost every meeting, and we’ve helped to run Opportunity Meetings  and helped and trained others in  our division. We’ve been treated to dinners, been given chocolate and wine galour. The phone has never stopped ringing.

Then last Wednesday arrived. Demoted to the Championship League! How  things changed overnight.

How lonely it has felt, no phone call asking for help at Tuesday and  Wednesdays Opportunity meeting, no testimonial asked for, as Jen has done every 3 weeks for the last two years. No one saying, never mind,  you will be back.  Just deathly silence. So, it spelt out that old  saying,

“You’re only as good as your last result.”

On the plus side, it’s made me realise how much I want our status  back. Yes, I am going to make damned sure we get it back. We will  carry on doing Opportunity Meetings, Jen will still be doing  testimonials, all for our team. I’ve realised you have to be selfish, focus on helping and advising  those in our own team, making sure our team don’t fall in to the traps we have. So a lot of lessons learned, all for the best. When we do hit  the Premier League again, lessons will have been learned, foundations will be stronger, and we will be doing battle with the top half of the  league……………..

Let battle commence!! found

Thank you Paul McGee.