Cold Excuse

frozen feet

Happy Easter Everyone,

For those that follow my blogs, you will notice I didn’t write my usual weekend blog last week. The reason was simple. I was tired!!

I was out looking for reps every day, I probably only managed 10 names, zero of which signed up. For the last month I’ve been signing up at least 5 per week, which I am more than happy with. Last week though, it was so cold, I think it zapped all me energy.

At the end of the week, Friday, I slept. Saturday started as usual, Tesco etc etc……..

Jen was buried in the F1 which seemed to run and run and run. I decided to read a bit about networking on the internet, my way of chilling as usual. I came across a free e book, of course before down loading it, I checked I wouldn’t be caught up in some sort of scam. I downloaded it!!

I watched a video linked to the book too. I cringed through the first part of it, thinking, ‘’that’s me, that’s me.

After the F1, I passed the ebook to Jen to read through (as you know, by the time I reach the second sentence, I’ve forgotten the first- stroke related), she made bullet points for me and I implemented what she had read so far……..

Monday arrived, off I went prospecting to Newport with Mike Ashfield. We got diddly squat and frozen feet.

BUT………………..when I got home, I checked out my weekend work, only to find I had 3 leads, that’s how my week continued. In all, throughout the week, I got 15 leads through my new system. Seven of which started in my business this week. I’m so looking forward to next week now.

Of course, I will still be out looking for leads the traditional way, trying to sign up 1 rep per week. However add that to the leads I got with my system, I could be in double figures EVERY week.

In case you were wondering, the book I read is on the right of this page. Check it out!




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